About us kiagene Fanavar Aria Company

In the name of God

We are very pleased to serve you in order to advance the scientific goals and services of the medical and pharmaceutical field of our beloved country Iran in the form of a scientific and dynamic team called Kiagen Fanavar.
The initial core of Kiagene team was formed in 2015 with a focus on the production of diagnostic / research kits and laboratory enzymes and analysis of genomic information, and after several years of activity, it was officially organized in 1397 as a company called kiagene Fanavar Aria.
Our field of activity includes the fields of medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, genetics, cellular and molecular, and we have entered in all fields by forming independent and specialized teams, and we have never asked questions and asked for advice and created different and professional teams. Outside the kiagen Technology team, we have not hesitated. In the past years, we have welcomed graduates and people with high ideas and motivation, and every year we help people with ideas and professionals in all fields covered in the form of advice and guidance and creating a strategic business plan. We have provided information so that many people in low-income areas have succeeded in carrying out their research projects with the facilities of the Kiagene Technology team and have completed their business ideas.
With its research and clinical laboratory, this company has trained many trainees in the relevant fields and introduced them to the labor market. Also, this team has entered the clinical fields at different stages and, thank God, we have many successes in this field. It is our honor to work with the elders in this field. The complete mastery of the trainees in the educational cases and the positive feedback of the centers that have received our trainees adds a green leaf to the record of this company.
Due to the concerns of students at different levels and people with high motivation and the request of these loved ones, we have tried to cover all levels of education and one of the goals of this team is to create a stable center based on internal power to support, produce and score ideas. It is internal.
One of the long-term goals of kiagene Fanavar team is to create the largest free training academy in Iran and to create a suitable atmosphere for introducing trainees to industry and work. The research and development teams of this company are promoting products and ideas with points Thanks to the continuous efforts of experts, this company has various products for research and laboratory use, which by visiting the company’s site, you will see the latest information and special discounts. The quality and price of the company’s products differentiate the company’s products in the relevant fields. .
We hope to serve in the field of science and strive for the prosperity of our beloved country Iran and the help of the noble people of this border and environment, and with a clear and hopeful heart we present our most valuable assets to these loved ones.
We love you . kiagen Fanavar Aria Team

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