According to the agreements on this site, Kiagene Fanavar is committed to respecting the privacy of its users. This page describes the site’s commitments and policies in this regard.
We will never disclose your personal and personal information without your permission, unless there is a legal justification for doing so.

What information do we collect?

When you visit any site, certain information is automatically collected from you. We also automatically collect and store information about each person’s computer and his / her visit to the site for each viewer of kiagen Fanavar site:

Information about your computer’s IP address (IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you log in to the web.)
The URL of the site through which you entered our site. (E.g.
Date and time you enter our site and how long you are on the site.
Name and version of your computer’s operating system and web browser. For example Windows 7 / IE 11 (This information is automatically transmitted by your computer.)
Pages from the site that you are viewing.

If you visit our site, read pages, or download things, these are the information we collect. We use this information to determine the number of visitors to our site in different sections and help to make our site as useful as possible for its visitors. For example, we use web browser information to design our site so that more people can view the site pages correctly.
When you enter our site, we do not collect or store any information other than what has been said, unless you yourself wish to provide us with any other information. For example, you fill out a form on the site that contains information such as your email, name and age and register it.


Cookies are small files that the sites you visit store on your computer. Cookies are actually communication files between your server and your computer that are completely safe for your computer in terms of security.
Due to the nature of web-based programming languages ​​in the use of cookies, if you have disabled this option in your web browser, you will not be able to use kiagene Fanavar services.

Who do we share this information with?

BlogSky does not disclose any personal information of its users and also does not transfer it to any person or third parties unless required by law or legal order.

Kiagene Technology has three sections of information: statistics collected about users, site traffic and site-related information. We use your personal characteristics only to respond to yourself or in the form of a user ID, to better introduce you to other members of the website or to prepare statistical reports to better identify our users.
We create log files and databases of user information to analyze how they are used during each month. In this way we can have a better understanding of our site and improve the content we provide on our site. Of course, this information does not include the individual and personal characteristics of each user. We reiterate that we do not disclose any of your personal information to any third party unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so.
If you have any objections to our site links, you can contact us at the address If you have any objections to our site links, you can let us know. Rest assured that your email address is protected by us and we will not disclose it without your permission (unless required by law).

Changes to site policies

BlogSky may occasionally improve or change its business policies. We encourage you to read this page from time to time to be aware of any changes to our policies. If you have any questions about the rules and policies of kiagene Fanavar site, you can share them with us.

Terms and conditions of goods sales services

Terms and conditions of use of the site

Using Kiagen Fanavar online store means that you fully agree to the following terms and conditions:
1- Purchasing goods from kiagene Fanavar online store is based on the laws and regulations in e-commerce and in full compliance with all laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
2- The services and contents of this site are provided for the personal and non-commercial use of customers, and the intellectual property of the information contained in it belongs to this store, and any misuse of this information will be prosecuted. Non-commercial use of the contents of the site by mentioning the source is unrestricted and if you want to use the information on the site for commercial purposes, you must send your request via and obtain a written permission.
3- The information contained in the technical specifications of the goods provided has been translated from reputable foreign sources, or has been obtained from the manufacturing companies. The information available or provided in the kiagen Fanavar online store may be inaccurate or have typographical errors. Therefore, kiagene Fanavar online store will not be responsible for the information provided. This store will constantly review and update its information and contents.
4- When ordering goods, users are required to enter complete correct information in the database. Obviously, lack or inaccuracy of information will prevent the completion of the order process.
5- kiagen Fanavar online store does not accept any responsibility for the malfunction of the site that can be caused by factors outside the management of this site (such as internet defects, telecommunication issues, hardware equipment, etc.).
6- All the tools that are used in kiagene Fanavar online store with the aim of communicating with customers, are designed only for this purpose and users are committed to use this tool only to send and receive information that is appropriate and relevant to the order discussion. Be a commodity.
7- Other sites and links that are linked to provide more and more complete information to the user in the store are independent and kiagen Fanavar online store is not responsible for their contents.
8- The connection of Kiagen Fanavar online store with users is established through and is done only by using the information that users have entered in the site (such as address, telephone, etc.).

9- kiagene Fanavar online store will not disclose the unique information of users to other persons and parties in any way, and is also committed to using the latest technologies to protect the privacy of users as much as possible.
10- The purpose of creating a comments section in kiagene Fanavar online store is to share the experience of buying the products that are sold. The comments section of kiagen Fanavar online store is different from other sites and social networks. In this section, each user is allowed to share their opinions within the terms and conditions of the site, which can be viewed after review and approval by experts. Obviously, if the site rules are not followed in user comments, it will not be approved and as a result will not be displayed on the site. kiagene Fanavar Online Store is not responsible for the correctness or inaccuracy of the comments published in this section, and displaying users’ comments on the site does not in any way mean the technical approval of kiagen Fanavar Online Store about the contents of the comments.

Terms and conditions of goods sales services
Legally, in the transactions of Kiagen Fanavar online store, site is considered as the seller and the ordering internet user is considered as the buyer.
1- The sale of goods is based on the type and amount that the buyer has entered in the kiagene Fanavar online store.
2- The seller informs the buyer about the registration of the goods order and the details of sending the order.
3- The value of the goods or goods ordered will be calculated according to the site price list and will include all sales taxes and duties. The only amount that in some cases is added to the value of the goods is the cost of shipping and insurance of the goods.
4- The place of delivery of the goods is listed by the buyer in the kiagene Fanavar online store, and this store, as the seller, is obliged to deliver the order in that place, observing certain shipping policies. If the customer is not present at the designated location, the seller will apply specific policies.
5. If the seller, for reasons beyond his control, is not able to deliver the goods on time and the parties do not agree on a new date, each party has the right to cancel the order at no cost.
6- The buyer expresses his satisfaction with the type, number and health of the goods by delivering the sent goods and signing the receipt.
7- The buyer is obliged to pay the amount payable when the goods are delivered, in case of payment on the spot. In case of non-payment within the time specified by the buyer, the seller has the right to refuse delivery of the goods and cancel the order.
8- In case of any problem in the final processing of the shopping cart, such as running out of stock or cancellation of the buyer, the amount paid will be credited to the buyer’s account within 24 to 48 working hours.
9- According to the order registration system, it is not possible to re-issue the invoice or change its specifications, including changing the invoice issued in the name of a natural person, in the name of a legal entity. Therefore, customers need to be careful when ordering.
10 – Delivery of the order in public places such as cafes, cafes, restaurants, hotels, subways and the like is not possible and it is necessary that the delivery address is accurate and can be cited.
11- It should be noted that adding goods to the shopping cart does not mean reserving goods and no rights