Kiagene Technology  logo

Logos and images used in different places and times have special meanings and concepts, and these signs show the spirit and policy of their owner. Without exception, all foreign companies have a special design that tells the beginning, history and You may not believe the goals of those companies, but professional designers display many concepts in a few simple forms, the written explanation of which includes several lines. Similarly, the exclusive logo of kiagen Fanavar Company has predefined concepts as follows: Which is briefly introduced to you:

1. The concept of activity in the field of biology and medicine:

Biological elements of cells, DNA and snakes have been used to induce the concepts of activity in biology and medicine.

2. The concept of team spirit:

As can be seen in the picture, the logo of this company is designed from three interconnected circles in the form of three interconnected cells, which represents the concept of team spirit.

3. The concept of vitality and dynamism:

The use of cell element and adjoining cells represents the concept of vitality, dynamism and youth that you must have seen in foreign companies only the cell element as an element of vitality and dynamism.

4. Induction of DNA strand image:

In order to introduce the focus of the logo company, it is generally intertwined with the image of DNA strand and has hydrogen bonds and two free ends.

5. Insert the word Kiagene in the logo:

The circle on the right represents the letter Ka, which is folded inside the logo. The middle circle has two points in the form of two small and separate rectangles that represent the letter or and its two points. At the end, the letter Nun adds a third circle with a dot.

6. Organizational color:

The company name is written in red letters under the logo and the logo is designed in black, which represents the color of the organization in red and black.