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Activities of Kiagene Company


Kiagene Company is a manufacturer and importer of first class cellular and molecular materials with reasonable cost and excellent quality. The scope of activity of Kiagene Fanavar Aria Company includes the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, genetics, cellular and molecular.

Kiagene Fanavar  also operates in the field of production, services and clinical services, including the following departments.

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Production and distribution

1. Production of diagnostic and purification kits or laboratory and research (genomic extraction)

2. Preparation and production of cellular and molecular materials and products including cleavage enzymes, DNA polymerase, various masters and cDNA synthesis enzymes

3. Production of laboratory buffers (HBSS, HEPES, TAE, TBE, PBS, etc.)

4. Production of Safe Stain and Syber types for Real Time PCR

5. Production and distribution of consumer products including microtubes, Falcon, sampler, Fastrip and plate

6. Import of chemical and laboratory materials from Merck and Sigma companies and products of Norgen Biotek, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Zymo research companies.


1. Primer and probe synthesis services in European and American countries

2. Import of exclusive products of ATCC, Addgene, dsmz companies and import of products with special shipping conditions.

3. Gene synthesis services with the ability to optimize in any vector

4. Sequencing Services (NGS) and trench, metagenome

5. Holding workshops and short-term face-to-face and online training courses at Kiagene Academy

6. Holding long-term internships

7. Providing research advice

8. Providing laboratory services and data analysis

Clinical services

1. Infectious virus diagnosis services (Corona, flu, HPV, HIV, STD)

2. Sequencing services for carcinogenic genes including breast cancer, leukemia, retinoblastoma, colorectal

3. Sequencing services for mitochondrial diseases and infertility

4. Providing sequencing services for skin diseases such as dysplasia…

5. Providing Whole Genome sequencing and Whole Exome sequencing services

6. Investigation of other diseases such as hereditary diabetes by PCR and sequencing methods


What is our job?

The main goal and work of the company is to use the power of domestic researchers and researchers educated in the best foreign universities to produce industrial and imported enzymes to the country and produce recombinant drugs, including the production of first class molecular and laboratory products similar and competitive with products. Foreign pays like the German company Qiagen and the German method.

Our Services

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Where is our workplace?

kiagene Fanavar Company is one of the developing companies that will join the group of knowledge-based companies with valuable capital in the near future in the hope of Izadpak. This company is under the supervision and support of one of the best equipped research centers in the country (National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology). All research and experiments are being done in this center.

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